Amdanga Jugal Kishore Mahavidyalaya

Affiliated to West Bengal State University,
NAAC Accredited with Grade B
Sadhanpur, P.S.-Amdanga, 24 Pgs (North), West Bengal 743221

Kanyashree Prakolpo

Following are the session-wise data of Kanyashree scholarship (K-2& K-1) received by the students of Amdanga Jugal Kishore Mahavidyalaya for the last five years. Girl-students have been greatly benefited by this scholarship schemes.

Kanyashree Scholarship (K-2& K-1)

Details Total Amount
Session: 2017-2018 Total Number of Students Benefited: 125 K2: 100x25000=2,500,000 K1: 25x1000=25,000 Total Amount: 2,525,000 Rs. 2,525,000
Session: 2018-2019 Total Number of Students Benefited: 184 K2: 162x25000=4,050,000 K1: 22x1000=22,000 Total Amount: 4,072,000 Rs. 4,072,000
Session: 2019-2020 Total Number of Students Benefited: 216 K2: 200x25000=5,000,000 K1: 16x1000=16000 Total Amount:5,016,000 Rs. 5,016,000
Session: 2020-2021 Total Number of Students Benefited:35 K2:35 x25000=875,000 Rs. 875,000
Session: 2021-2022 Total Number of Students Benefited:10 K2:10 x25000=250,000 Rs. 250,000