Amdanga Jugal Kishore Mahavidyalaya

Affiliated to West Bengal State University,
NAAC Accredited with Grade B
Sadhanpur, P.S.-Amdanga, 24 Pgs (North), West Bengal 743221

About the Department

Departmental Profile

Year of Inception - 2007

  • The Under Graduate Department of Philosophy of the Amdanga Jugal Kishore Mahavidyalaya was set up at the time of inception of the college. The Department was established in 2007 when Philosophy as a subject was introduced in General Stream. Philosophy as an Honours subject began its journey in 2011.
  • All the teachers of the department try their very best to create an amiable environment for learning. Since positive relationship between teacher and student is a fundamental aspect of quality teaching and learning, teachers of department always make sure that the students feel free to communicate with them with their problems. The teachers guide their students towards developing their talent in various fields by involving them in debates, seminars and discussions in class. The department publish Wall- magazine ‘Anubhava’ by the students on various issues.
  • Apart from formal academic activities, the Department engages the students in organising and participating in Seminars, Debates, watching films in the smart class-room, visiting places of historical interests and various cultural activities.
  • The students as well as teachers lend books from the Central Library which has a collection of approximate 500 books.

Students' seminars organized in the Department



Participants & Presenters

“Western Philosophy: Theory of Knowledge”


Asma Khatun, 2nd year hons.

(Session 2018-19): Plato’s Theory of Knowledge

Nurun Nahar, 2nd year Hons.

(session 2018-19): “Copernican Revolution in Knowledge: Kant”

“ Indian Philosophy: Sanmkhya and Jain”


Reshminara Khatun, 1st semester: Sankhya Darshan: Concept of Purusha

Sourav Ghosh: “Jain Philosophy: Anekantavada”

Quiz on Indian and Western Philosophy


1st semester and 2nd year Honours students.

"Pandemic: Existential and Moral Dilemma Reflected in Life & Literature" Online Seminar


Speakers: 1) Dr. Kunal Sarkar, FRCS, Cardiologist

2) Prof.  Madhucchanda Sen, Dept. of Philosophy, Jadavpur University