Amdanga Jugal Kishore Mahavidyalaya

Affiliated to West Bengal State University
Sadhanpur, P.S.-Amdanga, 24 Pgs (North), West Bengal 743221

Kanyashree Prakolpo

Among the various welfare schemes sponsored by the Government of West Bengal, Kanyashree Prakalpa is a key project implemented by this college for the benefit of students who appeared from an impoverished background. At present three variants of the Kanyashree Scheme are being carried out at the behest of this college. They are respectively designated as k1 & K2 and the purpose in bringing the pupils within the fold is to ensure that the poorer sections of the learners find it within Occasioned by Teaching –learning courses in this college. Currently through the K1 & K2 Schemes Rs.750 and Rs.25000 are being respectively offered to the undergraduate students. A brief summary of the accomplishment of the K1 & K2 scheme are given below:

2020-21 1


2019-20 16 200
2018-19 07 155
2017-18 05 95
2016-17 08 93
2015-16 05 65
2014-15 10 116